Scholarships for College Students Philippines List of Scholarship

Here are the list of Government Scholarship in the Philippines for Students who have financial  difficulties, Find the list of Government Scholarship.

[Top Philippines Scholarship Open Now to apply]

Find the List of Government Scholarship:

DOST S&T Undergraduate Scholarship

The Dost S&T Undergraduate Scholarship is now open for all eligible Filipino Students, to Continue lifetime Careers in Science and Technology, Now offering Scholarship through its SEI – Science Education Institute.

DOST Scholarship Program Gives Hope and Opportunity to the Upcoming Filipino Students.

Benefits of DOST S&T Undergraduate Scholarship

Find the list of Benefits of DOST S&T Undergraduate Scholarship program:

  • Tuition and Other School Fees – up to ₱40,000.00 /AY,
  • Connectivity Allowance – ₱10,000.00 /AY,
  • Monthly Living Allowance – ₱7,000.00 / month,
  • Clothing Allowance – ₱1,000 – (1st Sem of 1st Year only),
  • Transportation Allowance of – 1 economy-class roundtrip fare,
  • Health and Group accident Insurance – Premium,
  • Thesis Allowance – ₱10,000.00,
  • Graduation Allowance – ₱1,000.00.

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Document Requirement to Apply DOST Scholarship

Find the list of Document which are going to need to apply DOST Scholarship:

  • Good Moral Character Certificate,
  • Good Health Certificate,
  • Principal’s Certification:
    • Who is Grade 12 Graduating or Craduated Students in the STEM Strand.
    • Who is Grade 12 Graduating or a Graduated Student in NON-STEM Starnd who belongs to the upper 5% of the Class
    • Who is Attending Homeschool,
    • Who is Under the alternative learning System,
  • Residency certificate,
  • Signed Declaration of the Applicant, Parent or Legal Gardian.

Application Deadline

The Application Deadline of DOST S&T Undergraduate is on :

  • The Start of Online Application is on : 17 October 2023
  • The Last Day to Apply is on 15, December 2023.

How to Apply DOST S&T Undergraduate Scholarship Program?

Those who are interest must visit the DOST – SEI Webiste with links –, Online Application link – DOST S&T Online Application.


The Government Service Insurance System – (GSIS) is now open and accepting the application Online, Totally 10,000 Slots are open by the GSIS For the Academic Year.

Benefits of GSIS Scholarship

The Benefits of GSIS Scholarship as follows, 10,000 College Students will receive PHP10,000 from GSIS as a Educational Assistance each Year Until the Completion of Course.

Requirements to Apply GSIS Scholarship

Find the Document Requirement to apply GSIS Scholarship program

  • Dully filled GSIS Scholarship Application Form
  • Certificate of Employment
  • Certificate from the school who is accepted as a incoming college freshman during your current academic year
  • Birth Certificate of the Student
  • GSIS print out of Business partner Number (BP)

How to apply GSIS Scholarship

To Apply GSIS Scholarship you need to follow the steps given below:

  1. Those who are interested to apply GSIS Scholarhsip, Need to download the Application Form from the given link.
  2. Application form can be download form website – GSIS Application
  3. Need to fill the GSIS Scholarship along with Supporting Documents.
  4. Must Submit to the Nearest GSIS Office or by a Email –
  5. Submit all the required Documents and Application form to apply GSIS college Scholarship Program,
  6. For Per region there will be 400 scholarship Slots are allotted,
  7. Scholars shall be given 30days from the date of Publication of the list of Qualifier in a Newspaper.
  8. Pictures 2×2 (2 Copy).

Those who fail to Submit the Application and required Document within the given period of time will not be eligible for GSIS Scholarship Program.

CHED Scholarship Program

The Commission on Higher Education is been to Provide Educational Assistance for the Deserving students by providing scholarship program to support Educational Needs.

CHED is now Providing Financial assistance for all the Incoming First Year College Studetns in the Philippines who enrolled in the private or in the Public authorized universities or Colleges.

Benefits of CHED Scholarship

Find the Benefits of CHED Scholarship Program as follow:

  • TOF – Tuition and Other School Fees,
  • Stipend per Semester,
  • Book Allowance until the Completion of the Degree Program.

Financial Assistance for Private HEIS

For Privare HEIs

Under SUCs or LUC

How to Apply CHED Scholarship

To Apply CHED Scholarship Program click on the link – CHED Application

DSWD Educational Assistance

DSWD Educational Assistance Program given as a financial aid to the Students, find how to get your DSWD Assistance in this article, follow the steps and apply according to get your scholarship Grant.

DSWD – Department of Social Welfare and Development is a administrative body of the Philippines Government, DSWD is now Providing Educational Assistance Program called (EAP)

DSWD Cash Benefits

DSWD Educational Assistance will be between the range form PHP1,000 to PHP4,000 as follows:

  • PHP 1,000 for Elementary Students
  • PHP 2,000 for High schools students
  • PHP 3,000 for senior High School Students and
  • PHP 4,000 for College Students or For Vocational.

Documents required to apply DSWD Assistance

Find the list of Documents which are going to need to apply for DSWD Educational Assistance:

  • Certificate of Enrollment or Certificate of Registration,
  • School ID of a Student,
  • Any of the Document which is issued by the School as a Evidence of the Student being registered or Enrolled.

How to Apply DSWD Educational Assistance?

To Apply DSWD Educational Assistance, Join us on Facebook Group to get latest updates on DSWD Cash Assistance.

LandBank Iskolar Ng Scholarship

Those who are looking for Scholarship: Good news for Filipino Students LandBank Scholarship announced that the scholarship will be accepting the online application.

Scholarship Program is now open in the 60 Provinces in the Country.

Benefits of Iskolar Ng Scholarship:

Find the Benefits of Iskolar Ng Scholarship as Follows:

  • ₱100,000 per year given to the Students to cover:
    • Monthly Allowance,
    • Book Expenses,
    • Clothing and
    • Other Expenses.

Course offer by Iskolar Ng LandBank Scholarship:

Find the list of Course offer by the Iskolar Ng LandBank Scholarship

  • Horticulture,
  • Animal science,
  • Food technology,
  • Data analytics,
  • Information technology,
  • Accounting,
  • Agribusiness management,
  • Agricultural,
  • IT,
  • Industrial or management,
  • Civil engineering and
  • Mechanical engineering

How to Apply for Iskolar Ng LandBank Scholarship?

To Apply for Iskolar Ng LandBank Scholarship follow us on Facebook Group, For Scholarship Application and Updates.


Is GSIS Scholarship Open?

Yes, The GSIS Scholarship is open now, Those who are willing to apply submit the online application with required documents.

What is the Benefits of GSIS Scholarship program?

The Benefits of GSIS Scholarship Program will get amounting of PHp10,000 for 10,000 College Students, For Educational Assistance to the Students every year untile finish of the college Course.

What are the Benefits of DOST Scholarship?

The Benefits of DOST Scholarship as Follows:

  • Tuition fees of – ₱40,000.00/year
  • Connectivity Allowance of – ₱10,000.00/year
  • Monthly Living Allowance of – ₱7,000.00/month
  • Transportation Allowance – 1 economy-class roundtrip fare for free
  • Group Health insurance & Accident Insurance Premium
  • Thesis Allowance of – ₱10,000.00
  • Graduation Allowance of – ₱1,000.00

How much is DSWD Cash Assistance?

The DSWD Cash Assistance as Follows:

  1. PHP 1,000 for Elementary Students
  2. PHP 2,000 for High schools students
  3. PHP 3,000 for senior High School Students and
  4. PHP 4,000 for College Students or For Vocational.

Benefits of CHED Scholarship Program?

Here are the Benefits of CHED Scholarship Program:

  • Tuition and other School fees (TOSF)
  • Connectivity Allowance or Book Allowance
  • Gives Stipend per Semester to students.
  • Book Allowance will be given to the students until the Completion of the College Program.

Is CHED Scholarship is Open?

Yes, CHED Scholarship is now open to apply, Submit the application before it ends.

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