DOST Scholarship 2023 to 2024 Application – Apply Now

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Good News to Students who are looking for DOST Scholarship, DOST is now Accepting Applications, Students can Submit application online Open for 2023 – 2024, 2023 DOST-SEI UNDERGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIP

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Who can Apply for DOST-SEI Undergraduate:

  • 1.1 Graduating Grade 12 male and female students in SY 2022-2023:
    1. STEM STRAND: All students belonging to the STEM class
    2. NON-STEM STRAND: Must be in the top 5% of the graduating class, if belonging to the Non-STEM strand
  • 1.2 Graduate of Grade 12 before SY 2022-2023 and did not enroll in college yet:
    1. STEM STRAND: All students belonging to the STEM class
    2. NON-STEM STRAND: Must be in the top 5% of the graduating class, if belonging to the Non-STEM strand
  • 1.3 Graduate of high school before the K-12 Program. Must belong to the top 5% of the graduating class.
  • 2. Must have grades in Grades 9, 10, and 11.
  • 2.1 The scores in the Philippine Education Placement Test Certificate of Rating is acceptable if you skip a grade.
  • 3. Must be natural-born Filipino citizen.
  • 4. Must be of good moral character and in good health.
  • 5. May have taken the DOST-SEI Undergraduate Scholarship Examination but did not qualify for the scholarship; OR may have qualified for the DOST-SEI Undergraduate Scholarship but did not avail of the award.
  • 6. Must NOT have earned any post-secondary (college or vocational) units.

Note: Read this Post to the end carefully to get to know about The Application Process, Eligibility, Scholarship Program Requirements and Application Form.

Application Dead Line:

Start of Online Application Period19 September 2022
Last Day of Online Application and Uploading of Requirements16 December 2022
Schedule of Qualifying Examination11-12 March 2023

Important To be Noted

Valid Email Address
You will need a valid email address for logging in to your application account and for receiving notifications about your application status and results.

  • Please make sure that the email address you intend to register in order to file your application has not been compromised in a data breach. Click here to verify.
  • To ensure security of your data, you are encouraged to use secured e-mail accounts preferably one that has two-step verification.
  • You will be advised the status of your application and other announcements relative to your application through the email account that you use during registration.

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Working Mobile Number/s
Please provide a working mobile number by which you can be contacted should there be a need to, relative to your application.

Security of Access Credentials
You will be assigned an Application ID. This, with pertinent personal data, shall serve as your access credential to the DOST-SEI Undergraduate Scholarship E-Application System. Please keep your access credentials secure.

Watch Video On how to Apply DOST Scholarship:

watch video on how to apply DOST-SEI UNDERGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIP

No to Multiple Accounts!
Do not create multiple accounts. These will cause delay in accessing your application form.

Stable Internet Connection
When you are ready with all the information you need to fill out your E-Application and the documents that needed to be uploaded, make sure you have a stable internet connection.

What are the DOST-SEI Priority Courses:


Download Scholarship Forms C-J
Form C – Certificate of Good Moral Character
Form D – Certification of Good Health
Form E1/E2/E3/E4/E5 – Principal’s Certification
Form F – Certificate of Residency
Form G – Parent’s Certification
Form H – DOST-SEI Scholarship Examination/Award
Form I – Applicant’s Certification of No Post-Secondary Units
Form J – Signed Declaration of Applicant and the Parent/Legal Guardian

DOST Scholarship Benefits

Good benefits and privileges await the DOST scholars. It includes not only a regular academic year but also summer school.

Tuition and other school fees₱40,000.00 / year
Book Allowance₱10,000.00 / year
MS/PE uniform (1st Semester of First Year only)₱1,000.00
Group Health and Accident InsurancePremium
Transportation Allowance
(for those studying outside of their home province)
1 economy-class roundtrip fare
Monthly Living Allowance₱7,000.00 / month
Graduation Clothing Allowance₱1,000.00
B. Summer Allowance (if required in the curriculum)
Tuition and other school fees₱1,500.00
Book Allowance₱500.00 (to submit Official Receipt)
Monthly Living Allowance₱7,000.00 / month for two months

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  1. Father’s Annual Gross Income
  2. Mother’s Annual Gross Income
  3. If Legal Guardian is supporting Applicant, Legal Guardian’s Annual Gross Income
  4. If family receives contribution from outside source: the giver, the amount of the contribution and the purpose of the contribution
  5. If family owns agricultural land: how many hectares
  6. If family owns vehicle: type, year and model
  • Type: Ex. tricycle, passenger jeep, owner jeep, car, van
  • Year and Model: Ex. 2020 Toyota Revo


When you have all the necessary documents; completely accomplished and scanned or have pictures of these; and know the above-mentioned information, you are now ready to access the DOST-SEI Undergraduate Scholarships E-Application System.

Reffer Image Where to Click for Online E-Application:

When filling out the information required, please make sure that the names and the words are spelled correctly and completely.

Make sure you have a stable internet connection.

STEP 1Register using a valid e-mail address. An email will be sent to you for verification.
STEP 2Answer the questions in the Eligibility Module that can be accessed to the link provided in the email sent to you.
If you are NOT ELIGIBLE to apply for the scholarship, you will receive a Notice of Disqualification in your email.
STEP 3If you are ELIGIBLE to apply for the scholarship, you can proceed to the next modules:Personal DataContact InformationFamily DataFinancial ContributionHousehold Information QuestionnaireSchool and GradesUpload DocumentsThe system accepts .jpeg, .png, .bmp, and .pdf file types onlyThe system accepts multiple files up to 5MB per upload.
Ex. You took a photo of each of the 3 pages of your Form 137. As a result, you need to upload 3 different files for the same requirement. To upload it, you need to click the Upload File button and select all the files to be submitted.After selecting the files, a preview is also available for you to see if you have selected the correct and complete files. Once you are sure that you have selected the correct and complete files, you may now click the Upload button.You may press the Preview button to check the files you submitted after uploading it. If you have uploaded an incorrect file or incomplete files, you need to repeat the uploading process and upload the correct and complete files to overwrite the previously uploaded document/s.
STEP 4Make sure that you have accomplished all the modules completely with true information and correct spellings and uploaded all the required documents before you press the SUBMIT button. You can no longer make any change in the information you provided in your application once submitted.
STEP 5Selection of Test Center Location
Only the successful applicants will be able to select their test center location preference; whether it is near the permanent address, current address, or school address. This preference will be the basis on the location where you will be assigned to take the qualifying examination. You can no longer make changes in your test center location preference once submitted, so it is important that you really take into consideration your possible whereabouts on the date of the examination.


The pen and paper examination is scheduled on March 11-12, 2023. The qualified Applicant will be issued a Test Permit where his/her test center and test session and other pertinent information relative to the examination will be indicated. This will be sent to the Applicant’s registered email address sometime on February 27 – March 3, 2023.


The Examinee shall be required to present his/her vaccination card or negative antigen test result, administered within 48 hours before the scheduled examination.


If and when the COVID 19 alert level will be heightened at around the time of the examination per advisory from Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases, the conduct of the pen and paper examination may be cancelled. In this event, proper communication will be sent to the Applicant’s registered email address.

Click For DOST Scholarship Application – Online DOST Scholarship Application

Students ask for?

How much DOST Scholarship per Semester?

  • Dost Scholarship offer P10,000 or P8,000 per Semester;
  • Book Allowance of P10,000;
  • Uniform for First year Students Worth of P500;
  • Students who are Studying outside of the Country will be given a Roundtrip Allowance.

How Much is Dost Allowance?
Dost Scholarship gives one of the Highest Living Allowances among Government Scholarship worth of
PHP 7,000 per Month.

How many Pass the DOST Scholarship?
The Total passers of 5,819 Qualified.

IS DOST only for STEM Students?
All Application are Natural born Filipinos With Good Moral Character, Good Health. Application is open for the Students in the STEM strand but non-STEM Students may also Apply.

IS DOST Application still Open?
Yes the DOST JLSS E-Scholarship is Still Open to apply (Deadline for application is on December 2 2022).

When can I take DOST scholarship?

Students who are Grade 12 who belong to STEM Class, Students who are Non – STEM Belong to top 5% of the graduating class. All Grade 12 Students belonging to STEM Class who are Graduated before SY 2022 to 2023 and not enrolled in any college.

How can I apply for 2023 DOST scholarship in the Philippines?

To Apply Dost Scholarship Follow this steps:

  1. Complete the online Application with duly Filled with Information.
  2. Click on the Application link which is given in the Article.
  3. Submit all the Required Documents.
  4. You will receive an email which contains the list of requirements to be submitted along with your Accomplished Application Form.

Can college students apply DOST?

Yes, Dost scholarship offers Undergraduate Scholarship Program for incoming first year College Students.

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