Islamic Development Bank Scholarship 2023 Application form

The Islamic Development Bank Provide Opportunities for Students who need Financial needy for young Muslim to pursue undergraduate or for first-degree studies.

Islamic Development Bank Scholarship requirements

The Eligibility Criteria are listed below:

  1. In need of financial assistance without which Study may have to stop.
  2. Maximum age of 24 years.
  3. Not an Islamic Development Bank Staff member or Executive Director, His – her alternate, and/or Staff of any type of appointment.
  4. Completed Senior Secondary Education (or the equivalent of approximately 12years of Education) With Good Grades in Major Science Subjects.
  5. Provided evidence of language proficiency in the university medium of instruction as relevant, the language Proficiency must be supported by a document or certificate, e.g. For English, by a recognized language certificate such as TOEFL or IELTS or by having passed the required level test conducted such as by the British Council or equivalent system in French or other languages.
  6. Provided Certified English or French Translation of all Documents in case they are initially in other languages.
  7. Be Medically fit and willing to undergo Medical Examination after Selection
  8. Having Secured admission in one of the disciplines covered under the programmed at a recognized college or university in their own country is desirable.
  9. Not living in a country other than Home Country.
  10. Should not have any other scholarship at the time of Application and during studies.

islamic development bank scholarship benefits

Here the Scholarship Covers the following Items:

  1. Full Tuition Fee, which is Payable to the universities Directly.
  2. Monthly Stipend Commensurate whereas cost of living in the country of study.
  3. Books allowance, Clothing Allowance, Monthly Stipends.
  4. Cost of Medical Treatment will be given either at the university or at the local state Hospital.

Course which are offered:

At the present, The ISBS Program Focuses on:

  1. Medicine,
  2. Engineering,
  3. Agriculture,
  4. Dentistry,
  5. Pharmacy,
  6. Veterinary Science,
  7. Nursing,
  8. Nutrition Study,
  9. Computer Science,
  10. Forestry and
  11. Fishery.

islamic development bank scholarship deadline

To apply IsDB Scholarship Submit Application Before 15, May 2023.  

islamic development bank scholarship application form:
Interested Students may send application Through the IsDB Scholarship Online Portal – ISDB Scholarship

More to ask:

Who is Eligible for IsDB?

He or She must be a Citizen of any IsDB member Countries or Muslim communities in non-member countries. He or she must have a minimum of 70% in bachelor studies, GPA. Choose a field to study which is listed in the IsDB Scholarship program.

What is the IsDB Scholarship coverage?

The IsDB (Islamic Development Bank Scholarship) will cover:
1. Full Tuition Fees,
2. Monthly Allowance,
3. Books Allowance and
4. Cost of living Allowance.

IsDB Program may also provide medical insurance which is under university or near by hospitals also know as Health Scheme.

What are the Benefits of IsDB Scholarship?

The Benefits of IsDB Scholarship:

  1. Tuition Fees which will Directly pay to the universities.
  2. A monthly Stipend which will be given to the students.
  3.  Cost of Living in the Country Study.
  4. Books Allowance (yearly Book cost will be given).
  5. Medical treatment allowance will be given to the students either at the university or at any local state hospital.

All the abovementioned Benefits are given by the IsDB Scholarship Program.

What is the full form of IsDB?

Full Form of IsDB – Islamic Development Bank.

islamic development bank scholarship eligible countries

The IsDB Scholarship Eligible Countries, in Arab Countries as well as the universities in the
United Kingdom (UK), Denmark, Canada, Turkey, Tunisia, Morocco, Malaysia, Uzbekistan and Philippines.

Source : IsDB Scholarship

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