GSIS Educational Subsidy Program Scholarship (GESP)

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Government Service Insurance System (GSIS)

GSIS is Helping many Students for a School and college Fee who are financial Effected on their Studies (Citizens of Philippines) This Program Helps them to Advance Their Degree Program with Educational Subsidy Program

Government Service program Provides yearly Academic Scholarship to Students who are undergraduate to Help and Support thy needs in financial issue. This scholarship helps students to help Studying Fees and other Financial Support.

  • Financial Help
  • School fee
  • Book fee
  • Other fee is given to.

This Financial Support helps student to complete their Studies and become a Graduate (GSIS Scholarship)

GSIS Educational Subsidy Programs are: –

GESP Scholarship Gives Yearly for Students/Candidate who are in need of financial help of P10,000 He or She who are in financial need (GESP) Scholarship help them to full fill their Dreams to Continue higher Studies.  This scholar funds are given to Students with the Help of LAND BANK of the Philippines Through Electronic Crediting for Every student who are Nominated for this Scholarship.

(GESP) Scholarship Grant Value:

At this Covid-19 Situation Students may think the value of the Yearly Academic fund which is offered by GESP Government Funding is not very Large as it was before. Butt GESP Helps many Students who are in need of financial Help.

  • GESP Government Funding is (PHP — 100 million /Each Year)
  • GESP Scholarship gives (PHP – 10,000 Grants) for Every Students who are Nominates/Selected to this Scholarship Program.
  • GESP Scholarship will share Equally for every single Students who are Nominated in this Scholar. In which every single Students will be getting (PHP – 10,000 / Every Year).

GESP Scholarship Priority Programs: –

Present There is no other scholarship who are giving best Scholar Priority Funding. So, Students are need not to worry Because all the Nominated Students who are Eligible Applicants Will be giving Equal Opportunities in Funding by the Government of GESP Scholarship Services.

NOTE – Every HE or She (Students) Will get Equally funding and Equally Financial Help in This Scholarship Program.

Scholarship Eligibility and Qualification (GESP)

Students who are willing to find out weather there are Eligible or not in this GSIS scholarship Program Subsidy, Then He or She who are interest in scholarship program Must know the full details and criteria to become nominate to this scholar.

To Get Selected for Scholarship Under GSIS:

  • Student can be Nominated as a GESP Scholarship.
  • College Student of any academic year with 4 to 5 years of Studying course.
  • Student should Enrolled in any CHED Scholarship Recognized Schools or Colleges.
  • Student must be Without any Pervious Scholarship Program from a Public or Private Organization.  
  • Students’ Parents or Guidance Must have a Permanent Employment Status.
  • Must have a Salary Grade up-to 24 or a (Equivalent) & below.
  • Must not have an unpaid Loan for more than 3 Months.

(GSIS) Government Service Insurance System:  

This scholarship helps students who are in need of financial support of School Fees and College Fees who are unable to make their studies Further. GSIS Scholar helps Students to secure their Advance Degree Educational Subsidy Program. Many Students who are nominated for scholarship gets full scholar funds and helps to fulfil their Dreams in Studies.

Scholarship Requirements Must Follow (GESP):

 For a (GESP) Scholarship Program Application He or She Must meet the following Requirements to get Nominate. Also, Students need to Submit Required Documents in order to Get Scholarship (He or she needs to submit Documents Via Online)

Documents Need to Submit are:

  1. Must Provide a Copy of your Birth Certificate.
  2. Certificate of Registration School Grads (Note – This is an update of your Required Documents to process with your scholarship, this have come into effect from 1st Sep 2019).
  3. Must Provide your Certificate from your College Verifying that your Enrolled.
  4. Accepted During the Present Academic year.

Your Course and the Duration of the Course/Year and Level of your scholar.

  • Must have a Report Card Showing that your General Average Score of 80%.
  • Must Not have a Failing Grade or an Incomplete Mars score.
  • Certificate of employment or service record (if Applicable or Available).  
  • GESP Scholarship Application Form (Note – A Document Must Be Filled)

Governmental Educational Subsidy Scholarship Program (GESP)

This scholarship Helps 1000’s of Bright Students who are in need of Financial Support on their education purpose. Who are unable to Afford School or College Fee & who are unable to Aten college for Studying.  GESP Scholarship Given them Financial Support to continue Students Studies.

  • Each year 10,000 of students will get benefit of getting money.
  • Php-100million grants Given by the Government (GESP) every student will receive an equal share with this scholar program.

 Follow Link which Is given Below to Download Online Application Form of GESP Scholarship

Note: Every Students will get equally financial amount with the help of Land Bank Wired Transfer for Every Students who are Nominated to this Scholarship, Every Students will be getting P-10,000 each year According to GSIS Scholarship Policy & Terms.  

 Always Refer Official Website Before Applying for GSIS Scholarship Program.
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