Government Scholarship Offered by the Philippines | List of Philippines Scholarship

(President) Rodrigo Duterte. He Have Signed Republic Act of 10931. The Universal Access Quality (TES) Act of August – 2017.

All the Undergraduate Students of:
1. State university
2. Schools & Universities

Schools and University of Filipino Learners Enrolled in all the Technical Education Field. Program Training are Registered with a Technical Department of Education with Skills Authority Development, Law Helps and Provided with Benefit of Financial and Fee to the students who are interested in studying.  

There are Scholarship which Provided by Government of Philippine Agencies for Undergraduate Students – Now you can Find List of Government Scholarship Below

(DOST) Department of Science and Technology Scholarship  

(DOST) Scholarship has 3 Main types of Scholarship Offered which are:

1.Merit Scholarship.
2. Science Scholarship.
3.Technology Scholarship.

Act (RA 7687) & Fast – Act S&T (RA 10612) Tracked Scholarship –

Students or candidates who are interested in Mathematics and Science. Students who like to Continue careers in Mathematic & Science Fields of Science and Technology He or She can Apply for DOST Scholarship under Merit Type.

Act which is Under (RA 7687). Scholarship will be Provided for every ‘Talented and Deserving Students who are in Need of Financial help for their higher Studies. This DOST Scholarship may help may Student who are willing to Study under Scholarship Scheme to support Financial.

Act (RA 10612) Scholarship Are Given to Students who are Graduated in Below:       

1. Science.
2. Mathematics.
3. Engineering.

Most Student will be happy who are involved in the Policy terms by the DOST Scholarship.

How to Apply – Please do Refer Below link to Apply DOST Scholarship.

S & T Undergraduate Scholarships

  • Application Deadline is on Aug 28 2021 (This seam has been closed now, but it will open every year as follows)
  • Under Merit (RA 7687)
  • Students who are Eligible – Students who are Filipino College or students with top 5% of the non- STEM STD.
  • High School Graduating Class or Student of Strand Senior High School Graduate Class.
  • Requirement – Student should Pass the S&T Scholarship Examination
  • Scholarship Tuition Worth – P40,000 Per Year, include Book Fee Worth P10,000 a year, Living Allowance of P7,000 per month. Other financial Support P10,000
  • Graduation and Clothing Allowance worth P1,000.
  • There will be Health and Accident Insurance Premium included in all Scholarship Process.
  • This Scholarship Also include Economy Class Round trip for student who are studying outside of the home country.
  • Here is the Contact Details –, Mob – (02) 8837-2071 loc. 2382 (Phone) – 09278868816

Junior – Level Science Scholarship. (JLSS)

  • Dead line for Application is on 29th Oct 2021 (It will follow each Year)
  • Merit Types – Under Act (RA 7687) & Act Under (RA 10612)
  • Students Eligible (Students must be 3rd year also should be a Filipino Citizen) Students who are interested in Pursuing Degree Program, with course in an area of Science & Technology,
  • Students who have average Marks of at-least 83% or equal to 83%
  •  Students who are with no Failing Marks in the 1st 2Years in the College or School.
  • Exam Requirements – Students must be pass (JLSS) Junior Level Science Scholarship Exam.
  • Scholar of a Privileges – He or She will get Benefits in Financial help like
  • Tuition Fee Worth of – P40,000 / Year
  • Book Allowance worth of – P10,000 / Year
  • Living Allowance Worth of – P7,000 / Month
  • Thesis Allowance Worth of – P10,000
  • Clothing & Allowance worth of – P1,000 / year
  • Students will get Health and Accidental insurance plan with this scholarship Program, He or She will also get Provided a Round Trip with Economy Class Tickets who are Studying outside of the Country.
  • Contact – Lan-line number (02)88308876 (phone number), 09278868816/0921526814 (mobile).

Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA)

  1. Eligibility of Students – (OWWA) Dependents on Active Qualified Candidates/Students who are will to prefer 4th & 5th Year Graduate Course in any Preferred Schools/Colleges or University. Candidates who are with average score of 80% in the High School/College who belongs to top 20% Graduate Class.
  2. Exam Requirements – Candidates/Students who are willing to get this Scholarship Must Pass the Qualifying Examination Which will be conducted by the Dost Scholarship. Students must belong to the top 400 Passers in the Examination.
  3. Privileges which are given to the students are – Students will be getting a financial help of P20,000 /Year has an Educational Assistance.

Assistance Program on Education Livelihood

  • Eligibility Students are – Scholarship Dependents on OFWS Students who are active with (OWWA) at time of Death.
  • (OFWS) IS Facing the penalty of Death in the hosting country, Normally the Eldest Child of the Member of (OFWS) will be proving a Scholarship Grant and helping him or she to complete Studies with grants.
  • Examination Requirements are – NON
  • Financial help which are giving to the students are
  • He or She will get Grant of P5,000 who are with Elementary level
  • He or She will get Grant of P8,000 who are in High School College.
  • He or she will get Grant of P10,000 Other Financial Help
  • He or she will get an Extra Package for Livelihood of P15,000.

Bureau of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources

Industry Leaders Fisheries Grant

  • Application Deadline is on – 15th September 2021.
  • Students Eligibility are given – He or She must be a Filipino Citizen along with High School Graduates/Graduating Students (He/She) must not be lower then 80%.
  • Exam Requirements are – Student should Pass the Examination to Qualify.
  • Financial Help given to Students are: –
  • Students will get Tuition and Other School Fees Worth P4,000 /Monthly Stipend.
  • Students will also get Practicum Support of Worth P3,000.
  • He or She will be getting Book Allowance of Worth P2,000.
  • THESIS Support of Worth of P7,000.
  • Students will get Graduation Support of Worth P1,500.

Government Service Insurance System (GSIS)

  • Application Deadline – 10th of September 2021 has followed every year
  • Eligibility Students – (GSIS) Candidates/Students who are Active with GSIS, Students who are in college or school He or She is currently not receiving any Other Scholarship Grant to maintain their financial situation to continue studies.
  • GSIS members should have a Salary Grade of lower or equal to 24
  •  He or she much have clear back loan policy. Should not have Unpaid Loans from the GSIS for more than 3 Months.
  • Examination Requirements are – NON
  • Financial Help given to Students are: –
  • He or She will get Tuition Fee Worth of P40,000 / year
  • He or She will get Monthly Stipend of Worth P3,000 / Monthly
  • He or she will also get Monetary worth of P20,000 For the Students who are Graduates
  • Magna Cum Laude Worth of P30,000
  • Summa Cum Laude Worth of P 50,000

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  1. i am really hoping for this scholarship. It would be a big help for my studies specially to my family. thank you

  2. i am really hooing for this scholarship. It would be big help for my studies specially to my family. thank you

  3. hello po i’m Aika Faith Garcia po 18yrs old. Sana po matulungan nyo po ako sa pamamagitan ng scholarship na ito. Ako po ay mag fi-firsy year college na add we have a financial problema po. Kasalukuyan po akong nag aaral sa San antonio national high school at gusto ko po sana mag aral ng kolehiyo sa JRMSU tampilisan del norte. Malaki pong tulong ang inyong maibibigay kung saka sakali mang isa po ako sa mapipiling bigyan ng scholarship, maraming salamat po.

  4. Good day po…
    I’m willing to join this scholarship po please …this may ba a great help to my family esp. this time of pandemic my mother ask me to stop schooling but I better not to stop…please help me to finish my studies…I will be taking the course of BS in accountancy this coming school year of 2022-:2023 as a fresh college student in Palawan state university. I’m hoping for your positive response ..Thank you very much

  5. Sana po matanggap ako need kupo talaga Ang scholar na ito malaking tulong po ito sakin at sa pamilya ko sana ma tulongan nyo akong ma abot Ang pangarap ko😔God Bless po salamat😇😇🤞🤞🙏🙏

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