DSWD Educational Assistance program 2023

DSWD Educational Assistance Program is a financial aid for students certain eligible People. In this post you will find the complete details on how to apply for your DSWD Educational Assistance.

DSWD Educational Assistance

DSWD – Department of Social Welfare and Development is an administrative body of the Philippines Government, The DSWD has Several Programs available including the Educational Assistance Program (EAP).

DSWD will Grant all Eligible individuals whit a Cash Grant to cover their educational expenses.  To those who are from a low-income Families and those who live with their parents and Guardians.

DSWD Cash Assistance Grant to Help Educational Fees

AICS – Assistance to Individuals in Crisis Situations programs provides Students with a Financial aid under DSWD Educational Assistance, This DSWD Cash Assistance include grants ranging form PHP 1,000 to PHP 4,000 depending on the current level of education, see the details below for the cash amounts to each student can receive:

  1. PHP 1,000 for Elementary Students
  2. PHP 2,000 For High School Students
  3. PHP 3,000 for Senior High School Students
  4. PHP 4,000 for Vocational / College Students

Watch Video on How To Apply DSWD Educational Assistance 2023

What are the Documentary Requirements:

You can find the list of Documents required to apply for DSWD Cash Assistance 2023:

  1. Certificate of Enrollment or Registration
  2. School ID of the Students
  3. Statement of Account or any Document issued by the school as evidence of the student being registered or enrolled.

How do you apply for DSWD Educational Assistance program?

  1. For those who wish to apply to avail the Educational Assistance program can apply by visiting you are local DSWD Branch office.
  2. Submit the required Documents to the officer in charge and wait for the Confirmation to collect the cash Assistance.

Note: Keep in mind that Different DSWD Offices may use Different methods to provide cash assistance, check to see if your local office provides this service.

For More information you may visit website – www.dswd.gov.ph / https://www.dswd.gov.ph/aics/

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